October 3, 2016: Update on Project #SpeechBill

Team #SpeechBill

The first round of public consultation for #SpeechBill concluded on September 23. We have received a lot of suggestions and comments from you and we sincerely thank you for taking out the time to do so. 

After the public consultation, we held a stakeholder meeting where we invited veteran journalists, publishers, editors and digital media experts to give suggestions on the bill. We received some valuable feedback in that meeting as well. Based on the comments, we are now making certain changes in the bill and redrafting it. After it is finalized, we will circulate it to a few more stakeholders to take their final feedback before Mr Tathagata Satpathy files it in Parliament.

We are also preparing detailed 'Notes for Clauses' which will explain the evolution of each part of the bill, through this consultation process. It would serve as an explainer for everyone once the final bill is admitted by the Lok Sabha.

On the campaign front, we intend to keep the conversation going. 

Last week, we had Varun Grover, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Aditi Mittal & Team Newslaundry as guests, who narrated their experiences as stand-up artists and journalists. Over the next few weeks, we will invite more guests (comedians, authors, journalists, lawyers and others) to take over our twitter handle @speechbillin and offer them on outlet to talk about free speech & creative expression. We are also working to create audio-visual content & blogs to simplify defamation laws, #SpeechBill and talk more about Free Speech issues.

Once again, we would like to thank you for being a part of this campaign and we hope to get your continued support for the upcoming days. We realise this is going to be a steep uphill climb from this point forward & the #SpeechBill team is committed to make that climb.

Ending with one dramatic line to capture our collective sentiments: 

Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.


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